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Sports betting is an art form. And like any art form, it takes years to become a master. The only way to get there more quickly is to find a mentor who has done it all before. That’s where we come in.

BestPicks is an exclusive society of betting assassins. We’re former sportsbooks executives. Major league analysts with access to industry-leading artificial intelligence. Professional gamblers who’ve been banned by 7 sportsbooks and counting. You can use our wealth of knowledge to master the art of the bet, become a legend amongst your friends, and pick winners with frightening consistency.

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In betting, there are so many variables and data points you need to consider to beat the odds. It’s far too much for a single person to cover. That’s why our team of experts and powerful A.I. do the heavy lifting for you. We crunch the numbers behind the scenes, factor in trillions of pieces of data, and send our top picks straight to your portal.

With BestPicks, you have a powerful weapon in the palm of your hand. That means more wins every weekend, more cash to splash on the good life, and more moments of betting mastery than you ever thought possible.

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Everything You Need To Become A Sports Betting Master Assassin


Unrivaled knowledge from industry experts

With more than 20 years of experience as odds setters for the world’s biggest sportsbooks, we know the tricks winning punters use to get the edge – tricks you now have at your disposal.


Powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence

Unlock little-known betting angles and insights with industry-leading tech that uses billions of data points to make game-changing analysis.


Lethal picks, parlays and intel sent to your portal

Our experts work around the clock, conducting up-to-date analysis and crunching the numbers to send you lethal picks and parlays every single day.


Mentorship from master betting assassins

Be guided by former sportsbook executives and banned professional bettors who’ll help fast-track your rise from everyday punter to master of the art.


Projections for all major and college leagues

Dominate the NBA, NFL, MLB, and more with detailed team breakdowns and in-depth analysis of every game.

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don’t believe our claims? here’s the cold, hard proof our betting skills are as lethal as we say

Disclaimer: Performance of the Best Pick of the Day Since August 4

results ofour

lethal legends

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Picks, parlays and intel for all the major leagues

Dominate the NBA, NFL, MLB, and more!


Results of machine learning and artificial intelligence modeling of trillions of data points

so you can factor in elements no one else knows about and skyrocket your chances of winning

* Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Performance of the Best Pick of the Day Since August 4 2022 until March 14 2022 – To learn more Click Here to view our performance page.